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Fever Pitch - iPlayer/BBC2

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I had forgotten about the Man U fans groups who had a successful campaign against Rupert Murdoch taking over the club.
Was impressive how committed and clever they were but ultimately they won the battle but lost the war on mega rich people from abroad taking over clubs for wealth and ego reasons.


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I enjoyed it and remembering again the madness such as cheerleaders and parachutists pre game.


But since it was produced by a Beckham media company it was essentially a United story.


Mentions of other teams/players focused on them challenging United.


And the cast of people interviewed was a bit limited.



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Coverage of our 92/93 cup battles v Everton would have been nice.


But other narratives missed to name a few


- how top 6 of first season had Norwich, Villa, QPR etc

-  Forests relegation and return with likes of Collymore and Bohinen

-  Swindons story, denied promotion then conceding 100 goals

- Boros crazy season in 96/97

- a light hearted focus on awful signings, Marco Boogers, Ali Dia,  any Sounness signing for Liverpool,  John Jensen, Brolin...

- Spurs in the 90's - bungs, bans ( overturned) from FA Cup, Alan Sugar in general and his rows with Klinsmann



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