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Really bad news for Connor Kirby

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Following the serious injury suffered in the second half of yesterday's 1-0 defeat at Wealdstone, Connor Kirby was taken to St.Mary's Hospital in Paddington and has a double compound fracture of his left leg.


Club Director, Neil Faulkner and Football Director, Rob Esteva accompanied Connor to the hospital & his girlfriend arrived at 10pm to be with him.


The 23-year-old midfielder, who has had such a positive start to the season will be operated on today and will be in hospital for 5-7 days.


Everyone at Altrincham Football Club wishes Connor well with his operation and that he is able to make as speedy a recovery as possible from his serious leg injury.


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Nasty injury. Will probably have steel rods in for rest of his life. Did my tib and fib compound when I was 12 playing football. Was in a full length pot for 4 months  , then a knee length pot for another month. 

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33 minutes ago, shandypants said:

I wish him all the best. We should keep our fingers crossed that it’s broken bones only. Bones will tend to repair solidly and, typically, just as strong; it’s ligament damage that can curtail a footballing career. 

Very true and speedy recovery for him......has any players ever come back from that sort of injury 

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