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No plan B. If that’s the style of football he brings, he’ll be gone by Christmas. Nothing changed in the second half. Playing ourselves into trouble, passing backwards, no movement, ineffective Bannan dancing & prancing around with no bite. Utter ******** poo.


Could be another Megson-Jones type scenario. Moore puts a decent squad together, but another man finishes the job off.


Appalling, embarrassing & abysmal.

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4 minutes ago, morganowl said:

1st game ive missed lucky me . Ive seen this coming to be honest , we are totally lacking going forward and thats been in every game even what we have won. I really like d moore as a person im hoping he can get things right or even as early as next month chansiri chopping board might be out. Never ending 


Same here, glad I decided to give this a miss. 

Only listening on radio but it sounded pathetic. 

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We’ve been poor for the past 3 seasons, we finished rock bottom last season and we’re in genuine danger of falling straight through this league as well. 

What makes our fans think that just because we’ve signed a few new players that we have the divine right to walk this league? 

We knew it was going to be tough in this league. Very few teams come down and go straight back up. Yes, today was very disappointing, but we’re still very much a work in progress. People are going way OTT.


BTW, has anyone mentioned photos from the training ground yet? 

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It’s really not working for me and I can’t see where we’re trying to go as it all looks so disjointed.

We have a lone striker completely isolated most of the time. Our wingers don’t seem to be able to create things or beat a man (Shodipo tried today though). A central midfield which seems to lose the midfield battle for large parts of the game. We seem to gift the opposition so much time and space around our final third and down our wings. We continually invite pressure on ourselves by playing out from the back. Every other pass is backwards.

Apart from the opening 30 minutes against Fleetwood and the second half against Rotherham it’s not been working. We’ve had two weeks on the training ground and we came out today looking like they’ve all been out potting last night. 

Moore needs to get this sorted out ASAP.


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3 minutes ago, Royal_D said:

I think the manager needs to look

again at how he’s setting the team up 


He’s been absolutely schooled there today with Ryan Lowe 


Plymouth haven’t broken sweat 


I would take Ryan Lowe tomorrow 

We haven’t got the players for 


Plymouth dominated midfield and we were Shyte up front 

Sow was anonymous 

Laughable  that Paterson was left out 


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The team we put out today was good enough to at least make it a difficult game for Plymouth, even if they win.


The fact we have gone down without a trace is unacceptable. Ask them tough questions about why it's happened. If they don't want awkward situations after a game then go and give 100%.


90% of the time I'll back the team but if they cannot put in a half competent performance then they need to be asked why.

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