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5 minutes ago, swfc1983 said:

Embarrassing and I’m not talking about the team. Yeah we’ve been crap today but knee jerk rubbish like this is absolutely cringeworthy. We have no Devine right to stroll through this league even with the squad we have. It’ll be a battle week in week out and we need to wake up to the fact we have to be 100% at it or we will get turned over, but I have faith that this squad and this manager have what’s in them to see us right. Don’t think we should be surprised that this thread was started by a lad that once went into the club shop and threw his season ticket on the floor though.

Genuine question mate and I won’t get into a slanging match.


I assume you mean promotion when you say “see us right” so why do you have faith in Moore to get us promoted?

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1 minute ago, BRADDO said:

It's simply not good enough.


A big reality check for the players, coaches, Moore and many on here.


The 3rd division is a nightmare to get out of and we clearly at the moment do not have the physical and mental toughness to deliver.

Spot on.It's going to take at least 2/3 seasons before we finally get out of L1.

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2 minutes ago, Nick the Owl said:

We've got such a soft under belly. Plenty of quality from front to back but the concern is they'll think they're too good for the league and put in half arsed performances.


Need a couple of nastier, grittier players who can grab the game (and the rest of the team) by the scruff of the neck but just don't see we have anyone in the squad who can do that. 

Totally agree that is what is needed. I think Luongo has that in spades but is just never going to stay fit for us. Adeniran is also good at adding athleticism and energy in midfield but no idea where he is today. 10 wingers is all well and good but we need someone to win midfield battles and give them the soddin ball!!

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