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3 minutes ago, daveyboy66 said:

We need Basher on for some midfield pressure...can't play Wing and Byers together with Bannan someone has to get the ball for them


Weird isn’t it. So many pick that three when choosing their team for next game, yet seem oblivious that we get completely over run and Bannan and Wing seem to detract from each other rather than compliment each other. 

Massively missing Adeniran or Luongo. Personally away from home I’d play both them and Wing and try controlling the middle a bit more. 

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7 minutes ago, BRADDO said:


I said on here repeatedly that each time we enter this division, we always struggle to establish ourselves and have a poor first season. I said at the start that we would be mid table. I haven't changed my mind

Yea I knew we would I would have been happy to see us rebuild for a couple of seasons but the first 4 games made me

believe but it’s back down to earth now I suppose lol

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58.5% possession, let that be a lesson in the value of having the ball...........I feel like 55% of that is made up of single passes or touches where we actually conceded possession. If that's even possible.


That first half, 1/3 the players under performing, 1/3 the managers setup of the team and 1/3 Plymouth doing everything right in terms of unsettling us and harassing us. 


Getting a result feels beyond us atm, but there simply must be a response. 

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3 minutes ago, NOT jack whitham said:

Not good enough to play out from the back..truly atrocious first half.


Not easy to play from the back when you have two full backs who can't trap the ball and panic when under slightest pressure.


It was no coincidence that when Atkinson wanted to turn us into "passing side" he brought in not only John Sheridan, but Nilsson and King as well.

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2 minutes ago, StudentOwl said:

The worrying thing is that we're second best in every department, it's not like we just need to correct a couple of things and we'll be right back in it. 


Think this may be a write-off, they all just look like they were out til 3am.

Yes, but they all have a lovely time when training and Darren is a top man. Perhaps we need to see them going through a bit more pain when training like when SGT Wilko was in charge.

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9 minutes ago, Quickly Kevin said:


Did you?


I will believe it when you show some posts to back this up.


Then Im proved wrong.


Oh sorry……I didn’t realise I had to tell you ********

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1 minute ago, Shadowl said:

It's almost surreal losing to Plymouth, I'd hate to see us take on a bag of badgers, hopefully we know how to fight. Big second half coming up, wawaw.

True, it's like a fever dream when you can't wake up.


This last year has been like that.

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