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Kieran Agard

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5 hours ago, Flat Owl said:



The only way Yeovil were going to score that day was by cheating.


Their right back looked decent that day - a chap called Luke Ayling.

He's the Tom Daley of the footie world. 

Canny customer who knows how to draw a free kick. Him and Grealish could do synchronised diving. 

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18 hours ago, owlsfan_72 said:

He did us a favour.


We'd been embarrassed by Stevenage 5-1 the game before and his cheating put Yeovil 2-1 up. It fired up the players and we came back to win and won the next three.

Yep, always said that this game and everything that happened contributed to a great team spirit. Proper galvanised the squad. 

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