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On this day in 2019 - Garry Monk…

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8 minutes ago, S72 Owl said:

 Yes he got us to 3rd but at the time Monk said himself he’d not had much time to implement his ideas on the training pitch.


Once he did find time, and made the decision to omit Westwood and Hutchinson from the squad we suddenly become a much worse team. 



The above killed us, not Garry Monk.


The subsequent decision to recall Westwood, and sign Hutchinson, meant we went from 23rd to 24th by end of the season.  The training pitch ideas of subsequent managers made absolutely no difference last season.  

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54 minutes ago, SallyCinnamon said:

I gave Monk some stick. But looking back he was in charge during such a turbulent period. Possibly the most turbulent in my lifetime. 


Combination of this period for the club and soulless lockdown football nearly killed off my interest in the club and the entire sport.


I had more faith in the future of SWFC when we were sat on the High Court steps about to be killed off by the Taxman, than looking at this image of Gary Monk.

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The start of the down turn, the modern day David Pleat, talks a good game, delivers a team worst than the sum of its parts.


I really wish we had signed the correct Gary (Rowett) former Birmingham manager, we would at the very least still be in the championship now.

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