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FIFA plans World cup shake up.


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59 minutes ago, cardiffowl06 said:

A world cup every year is a ridiculous idea.


A reason will probably be given it allows for more host countries to spread promote football further, which it absolutely does not need.

Agreed 100%. What's going to be next, The Olympic Games every one or two years ? :tango:

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The problem with burnout is not so much the level of quality due to diminished performance of the players but the fact the injury risk increases exponentially


Some players will inevitably need so some time away from football as well to do "normal" things and recharge their emotional batteries


So the impact will be twofold - firstly tournaments with swathes of players missing is compromised and secondly it will inevitably impact on clubs and domestic seasons


So, it raises the inescapable conclusion that it would engender another club v country dichotomy which for the big powerful clubs plays into their hands of moving to a smaller more manageable and wealthier competition such as the ESL

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