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Johnson goal was a cracker

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It was but the defender at the back of the area just stands there with his finger up his bum. If he'd run towadrs Johnson he might have closed him down and got a deflection. I doubt Johnson will get as much time against league opposition.


It was a cracking finish though.


I bet Palmers heart was in his mouth though with his. Must have thought it was going to run along the line and out.

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Was the man of the match for me and we've got some really good balance now assuming he starts on the left when fit/available.


Said it earlier, gobsmacked by where we are now compared to even 6 weeks ago; things are so positive at the moment so lets hope that Chansiri does his job of keeping the cashflow going and leaves DM and the team to do their talking on the pitch without distractions.

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Guest Grandad
4 minutes ago, Freshfish said:

It was a sheite cross then lol

One of the most spectacular goals I ever scored in PE was a cross.

I never told anybody. 

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8 hours ago, CircleSeven said:

Love the wild celebrations!


Does me head in when players are too "cool" to celebrate because of the inferior level of opposition. He almost looks p*ssed off that he scored! 


Glad Sow celebrated his goal. Score goals! Be happy! 



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