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Yes or No

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5 minutes ago, Guesswhosback said:



Even Adeniran 

hope I'm wrong tho. 


Kamberi- early days and settling into a new team. 


 Corbeneau - a cameo v Morecambe and played well last night. Wayyy to early to judge.


Adenerain- you are just wrong on that.


Ill continue to back the new signings who are part of a huge overhaul. 

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Happy with a top 10 finish with a push for promotion next season with less loan players. Feel if we got promoted this season there could be too many loan positions to fill and could be rushed into buying crap to fill a position as we have done too many times in the past. 



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Depends how the squad develops. 


Doing good so far, but feel like we're over hyping a bit. 


I do it, too. It's fun. It's a really fresh squad and optimism is high. 


We're second without it really clicking yet. 


So with all that said, it's a hell yes from me! Champions League in 5 seasons. 

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