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Which Is The Smallest Ground In League One ?

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I think it highlights this league very well, Sunderland have a stadium that can hold nine times the amount of fans than Accrington.


A team with 49,000 capacity stadium in league one, that has what financial fair play has created..  Its ironic because big teams going down like us because of financial fair play issues just causes them more problems with less revenue but you cant get away from big overheads, not like you can easily shrink a ground to lower the overheads.  Thankfully we had a load of big earners leave or we could have been on for more points deduction for sure..

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2 hours ago, Willie Henderson said:

Biggest ground Sunderland, second biggest Hillsborough.


Top of league Sunderland, second Wednesday.


Coincidence? I don't think so.

In a none arrogant way, I feel hopeful that’s how it will be. 

Hillsborough will help us I feel… but we’ll definitely lose at some very small grounds… the type where whenever the defender clears it you feel like the ball is going to smash into your face. 

It could be a leveller for other teams. 

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20 minutes ago, beswetherick said:

The entire population of Morecambe could fit inside Hillsborough 

That is actually true, although the SAG might put a stop to it! Makes yesterday’s result more depressing for me

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57 minutes ago, Onge said:


Who are they?

If (god forbid) we ever merged with the blunts, perhaps the resulting club would be called Sheffield Apparently. 

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how about how many non league grounds are bigger? there probably are only 4 smaller than accrington and morcambe in the national league and probably a few with  bigger grounds in nat league north and south . its quite surreal that we are losing to a team what is massively punching above there weight been in league 1.  credit has to be given to morecambe who have humiliated us and very nearly did same to big spending ipswich. 

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9 hours ago, Kew Owl said:

Cheltenham’s ground is not exactly the Nou Camp.



Yeah, it is definitely not in Barcelona



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The first time we played Torquay in the league was August 2004. The Wednesday allocation sold out immediately, so I had to go in the Main stand with the Torquay fans. Called their ticket office and asked for a seat about halfway up the stand. Don’t like being too low down or too high up.


Was livid when I got the ticket and they’d put me on row 4.


Got to the ground and realized it was half way up. They only had 9 or 10 rows.



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The owls are not what they seem.

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