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He f*cked up overhyping this and missing his release date, allowing Nas to step in with a weeks' notice, little fanfare, and drop the Hip-Hop album of the year.


This is typical Kanye - some great production, some interesting musical flourishes, some decent rapping mixed with some mediocre rapping, and a whole lot of filler.


It's okay. He'll try to claim it as the album of the decade, of course.

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This review nails it for me:




Kanye has become the antithesis of what he started out as. I'll still listen and find some moments impressive in their sonic bravery, but it all feels too soulless and bloated for me to really enjoy like I used to.

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1 hour ago, EighteenSixty7 said:

He lost me after MBDTF, since then it’s been gimmick album launch after gimmick album launch. With the 2018 7-track albums being the only glimmer of light. 

Shame because College Dropout and Late Registration are sensational 


Late Registration in particular was incredible. Such an exciting album at the time it was released.


MBDTF is his last great album for me, too. He was disappearing up his own arse at that point, but there was still enough connection with the old Kanye to make it work.


Since then, it's just been glimmers here and there as he totally believed his own bullsh*t.

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