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1991 Cup Final Shirt

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5 minutes ago, nbupperthongowl said:

Misleading title....it's a league cup final replica shirt


And while we're at it, why is this place called Owlstalk, eh?


There's no bloody talking going on whatsoever - it's just a load of typing. For the first few years, I was talking into my microphone and wondering why nobody ever said anything back.


Totally misleading.

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The blue stripe - shadow stripe is wrong, that’s from the 92-93 kit I think. 

In 91, the blue stripe had a zig zag and white speckles. 

If I remember right 

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Stripes on sleeves are too narrow

No Umbro badge

As Rogers says - pattern is wrong


Certainly wouldn’t pay 40 notes for that.

The owls are not what they seem.

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I'll stick to my original home shirt from that season that I got handed down to me. It was way too big for me so I never wore it but now it fits like a glove and is almost like brand new. Wonder how much it would be worth, would never sell it though.

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