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I'll hold up my hands and say I'm wrong

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I have to admit I have never been wrong about any  player, just got to get rid of Bannan, and the scales will fall from the eyes of the non-believers.

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I knew we needed a new keeper but I just kept saying it wasn’t a priority and due to our finances we’d probably have to suck it up with the keepers we had and make signings further up the pitch instead.


In hindsight, I had no idea that Darren Moore was a god in the transfer market & we didn’t have to pick one over the other.

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9 hours ago, Dan™ said:

I'm not sure BPF coming in and getting off to a very good start means you were wrong for thinking Dawson and/or Wildsmith are good enough. They still could be.


Still, it's nice to have someone in goal who the majority of fans seem to trust, as I'm pretty sure the players can sense nervousness in the crowd, which definitely has an impact on their performance.

More to the point they can spot inadequacy in a keeper.  Our previous 2 just haven't developed as we hoped they would. If I'm honest I think they have regressed.

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34 minutes ago, prowl said:

If I'm honest I think they have regressed.


Definitely. I think they both have good ability, but both also have confidence issues.

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11 hours ago, Shadowl said:

So preseason I defended the idea that our  pre-BPF keepers were good enough. But with the clean sheets and the confidence I have with him and the defence, I'd like to say I was totally wrong. We did need a new first team keeper. So glad to have BPF.


Anyone else have something they were wrong about Wednesday related... Otherwise we can all just get of track and talk about marmite again.





I once broke wind very badly in the North Stand near to the old Westfield section was it called?? I made 3 small children cry and several adults gip and move seats...I am very sorry and now admit I was wrong🤢

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5 hours ago, areNOTwhatTHEYseem said:

I thought Sean McAllister was going to be a mainstay in our midfield for years.


Granted, it was a brief thought after one too many pre-match beers, but a thought nonetheless.


I don't think I've ever been wrong since, though I could be wrong.

He made Alan Quinn look tall.


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58 minutes ago, Road Runner said:

Jon Shaw was the new Michael Owen. 

Mark Platts was the new Ryan Giggs.



And Adem Poric was going to be what Harry Kewell actually was. 

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I was convinced that Bannan and Windass would go.


I was convinced Kadeem Harris would be our saviour.


I thought Reach would get over his malaise and be a world beater.


I thought a sandwich toaster would make my life easier.


I seem to spend my life getting things wrong, it's probably why I've always been a Wednesday fan.



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Pre-signings, and contract renewals, I thought we'd struggle this season, barely making the top half. Who knows, that's where we could still end up, as we've only played four games, but I very much doubt it the way things have started. So I'm happy to say that the way things currently look, I was wrong and I hope come the end of the season that remains the case.


I had a dream last night that we beat Morcambe 3 - 1. I'm certain that's my first ever Wednesday related dream. Come Saturday at 16:50 I could well be wrong again.

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