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Ronaldo to Citeh?


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Ronaldo is part of the problem, but not the only problem. 


When you have a striker who lacks speed and a pressing game, generally they'll be a target man (Cavani, Ibrahimovic, Giroud) or drop deep and set play ticking (Kane, Firminho, Messi)


I don't see Ronaldo playing either of those roles, he just sort of waits for the ball upfront and has a run when in possession. He has the ability to drop deep, letting Rashford, Greenwood or Sancho run beyond but he's the main man and seems unwilling.


The other issue is their just not cohesive, they're easily ran through like a hot knife through butter. Not working hard enough for each other. Probably comes from a lack of respect to Solskjaer.


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It's not just a lack of respect for OGS. It's the egos. 


City and Liverpool in particular are world class players, but all are prepared to work their testicles off for the team. At man Utd they all believe their own hype and want others to do their running for them. 


Hsving 1 of those is tricky. Havong 5 or 6 in your 18 is minging 

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