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Tom Lees

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39 minutes ago, FreshOwl said:

Everton cut through their centre half pairing like a knife through butter most of the game. Average championship defender, who never should have been near the captaincy like someone earlier said 

He wasn't average for us though. He was a top draw defender since they day we signed him.


It's only in the past 18 months we saw his performances decline. But he had a brilliant end to the season and even got injured fighting to keep us up knowing he wasn't going to be staying.

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I am probably among Tom’s most supportive fans.


Defensively I’d say losing him slightly (but not considerably) weakens us. Lees-Iorfa would be slightly better defensively than Dom with either Sam or Dunkley.


However, I fully accept that if we are to play out from the back against most teams, Lees had to go. Oppositions pressed us into passing to Tom, knowing full well he’d chip a poor ball forward and risk possession.



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2 hours ago, OWLERTON GHOST said:

The amount of times he lost possession when under no real threat was infuriating ...

He has also spent the majority  of his career facing the wrong way ...


Maybe he'd be more suited to other pastimes like 'hide and seek' or 'what time is is Mr Wolf?'

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I quite liked Lees even though he's hopeless with the ball at his feet. Bit timid for either a centre half and/or a captain but I was hoping we'd be able to hang on to him at the end of last season. Really pleased we didn't now, hope he makes a go of what's left of his career, glad to see the back of him though.

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