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36 minutes ago, apswfc said:

Morning all,


My Sky package deal is about to run out next month - has any one recently received any good offers I can refer to when I call them up and use as a bargaining tool?




You'll be ok without an offer tbh. Go on live chat and have your first message prepared.

We have everything (all TV packages, Broadband & landline) through Sky and were paying something ridiculous like £!60 a month!

Got it down to just under £100 and also got Netflix thrown in.

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Tell them you won't pay extra for the phone calls. They gave me unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles for nothing.


It's a VOIP service (voice over IP) which means your calls are over the internet. You won't notice any difference. (unless there is a power cut at your house, then the phone doesn't work)


Haggle, they want your business.

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