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Guest LondonOwl313
18 minutes ago, Wednesday_Jack said:

Iorfa would lap him twice 

Iorfa is like Usain Bolt.. Helan was rapid though, shame he had no end product at all.


He should have been moulded in to a left back and use his pace there and he wouldn’t have needed to be that good on the ball. Instead we pushed him forward to stretch teams which he did but he couldn’t cross or pass so it was pointless 

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1 hour ago, flo said:

i still think helan was better. 

Helan was quick but not a footballer. Ran up the pitch very quickly but ended up in blind alleys.


Brown is different, he seems to have a brain.

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Guest Kagoshimaowl

As I said in the ratings thread, Brown has impressed me. He’s direct and quick and has a turn or two. Makes a lot of poor decisions but there’s definitely something to work with. Looks a very good signing especially on a free.

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Des walker fastest we've had. 


Brown is a perfect signing. Great 1st touch. Works hard and nags away when defending. Moore will help him to start making better decisions.


A lad in changing rooms as well . Keeping spirits up and always bouncing. 



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Reminds me a lot of Helan. Rangy and with great pace. I thought Helan was quicker and I think Brown has a better attitude but both suffer from a lack of ball control at crucial moments. Helan would excite me but usually let me down. Brown hasn't really excited me yet. Great to have someone so quick who works so hard though.

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