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Rotherham Utd - V - Wednesday OMDT

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Magnificent save. Taker will be scratching his head about how on earth he got to that.


Unnecessary and clumsy from Paterson. Iorfa was dealing with it. 

I only started watching on 32 mins but it’s stood out that Kamberi has been making poor passes. 

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HT 0-0


Game is still very much there for the taking thanks to the heroics of BPF.  


A brilliant save BPF, he's been the standout player for us this half.  


We haven't played well at all, i would like to see Moore shake it up a bit at half time and bring on Byers/Dennis and Corbeanu.


Hopefully as the game goes on, as their players tire and  our quality players come off the bench, we will push on for the winner. 

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1 minute ago, room0035 said:

Paterson and Kamberi off, Gregory and Corbeanu on lets try and win the game instead of waiting for Rotherham too.


Why do we always make a crap Rotherham team look like Real Madrid when we play them.

Gregory and Byers on for Paterson and Kamberi at HT.  Corbeanu on for a 20-25 cameo later.

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1 minute ago, Box_Man said:

Surprised the Ref didnt order a re-take with BPF just off his line...wouldn't have surprised me, given then everything in that half awful refereeing 

He’s having a shocker. Plenty of warning signs even before he gave the penalty 

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They are stopping us playing out from the back and the long kick is ALWAYS giving them possession. Bring Gregory on.


They are dominating the ball. Bring Adeniran on to break up play and win possession. If not bring Byers on to control the game because Bannan isn't


Paterson has done nothing, get him off.

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Wing, Paterson and Kamberi haven’t been impressive so far, can see Gregory coming on for Paterson and Adeniran for Wing.


BPF. Brilliant keeper. Hope we can get him permanently. Absolute class.


Look what happens when you have a proper keeper.

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You hear about those clubs that get conned into buying players based on a recommendation or a video clip and they turn out to be utter garbage or not even players. 

Kamberi may turn out to be in this mould. 

He’s either offside, running around like a headless chicken, delaying shooting, or losing control. 

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