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We’re here to win the league!

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And yet some was happy with mid table this year 


I’m so glad this lot believe the league should be ours 


there is no right to win it, and we deserve to be in it 


but have the ambition and drive to really get out of it that’s what I wanted to see


i was convinced we was going for it in our recruitment and how the incoming players was talking 


And despite being early days I’m seeing a team that is soli enough to be in every game and has the quality that will improve as we go on to win games 


cracking start, great mentality and here’s to having a season we can be proud of and hopefully kick on next year with a younger hungrier settled confident team 


we’ve seen plenty of times  the teahs that go up with confidence can do well


we know our chairman backs us and there’s no reason to doubt even on this year he won’t again just a little more sensibly 


so why not have ambition 


we’ll done Wednesday let’s have it 

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The speed of the turn around has been immense

We are not just talking players We are talking about the whole outlook of the place, the culture if you like


Yes it’s early days, exercise caution etc etc


But I’m sticking my neck out…. The cogs are turning and we are on a roll and the important thing is the players know it. 



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Nice to hear such determination and positivity, it is early days but it's looking so very promising, there's a general air of optimism and excitement which was sadly lacking last season. We can do this.


But there's a bit too much driving going on in the squad for my liking according to Gregory's quote, let's not forget what happened to Keogh at Derby, be careful out there people.



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Hearing this from Gregory and then hearing what Dennis said about the midfield after the Donny game, you just can't help but feel really positive. 


Before the season I'd have been happy with a flirt with the playoffs. After this start and hearing what they have to say then we have to at minimum make the playoffs. 

Maybe getting carried away but while ever we look solid at the back we are gonna be contenders. 

As Sir Alex said "Attack wins you games, defence wins you titles"

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It rather drives a coach and horses through DMs cautious public speaking but it is what one suspected was going on in the background.


But it’s a tough league with lots of teams capable of firing for automatic.


We will probably have a bad run at some point. How we handle that will be key.


Id love to see us in and around the automatic places all

season but if it doesn’t happen we will need to be patient. As long as players are working hard and we are playing good football and making progress then so be it.

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9 hours ago, fpowl said:

And yet some was happy with mid table this year 





Think its all about context. We know how tough this league can be, not many teams come straight back up and at the end of last season there was a danger that we could drop straight through the division ... especially how things were on and off the field.

I dont think that any of us expected the kind of rebuild that we have witnessed, so those comments were more than valid at the time.


Darren Moore and his staff deserve a whole heap of credit for changing the feeling of hopelessness in the fanbase to one of huge posivitity in such a short period of time. We have acheived nothing yet, and we need to keep our feet on the floor, but to put that buzz and belief back in such as short period of time is incredible.


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