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Herries Rd, Penistone Rd, Old car park

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Walking to the ground last night towards the Kop from Herries road it struck me as such a shame that the club (or Chansiri more specifically... currently!) hasn't bought up the land in that area.


All the buildings on the walk down are derelict and, i'm guessing, awaiting demolition which will result in the massive space that is going to be filled by the new retail park.


The opportunity there to develop for the benefit of the club, car park, fan site, megastore etc (christ, put a supermarket on it and charge rent) seem obvious.


Seeing Leicester and their plans for their ground and the surrounding area to the ground has just brought it to light a little more for me.  


Do we think we'd have taken up the land if we'd got premier league money as well?  Is it a case of bad timing and circumstance or a lack of ambition and foresight by previous owners?





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