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Three points tonight

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Fleetwood have had a really tough start to the season with fixtures. I wouldn’t rule them out surprising people tonight as I believe they are a better side than their current league position suggests.

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6 minutes ago, camffiti said:

Hopefully one of our forwards can get on the score sheet and get some confidence flowing 

I was going to say similar. Get a first half goal and I think the confidence will really get this new team going.

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I’m sure DM won’t be referring them as these clowns and will send the boys out to do a professional job. Of course, we should have too much for them, but I expect it to be keenly fought. 3-1 to Wednesday. 

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1 hour ago, helmut_rooster said:

 these clowns.



Oh Dear, One win and a draw and we start coming out with this crap. We've been slapped down so many times over the years

after comments like this

" Them "  would have been the better word.

Show them the respect they deserve. They've been better run than us for years by a country mile.
We've been led into Div 3 by two of the biggest clowns in British football.

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I doubt whether I’ll ever see the day that there is 100% confidence on here in Wednesday delivering a performance and a result. Is it because of the up and (mainly) down nature of this period since we were relegated from the premier league? More than likely?

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