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How many games do you think we'll lose this season?

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4 minutes ago, Kagoshimaowl said:

Some people seem to be getting a bit, dare I say ‘arrogant’. This is still a tough league. Remember we got 4 points in the first two games last season but finished rock bottom!

Lets review this thread after ten games or so.

Absolutely bang on.

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2 hours ago, areNOTwhatTHEYseem said:


I reserve the right to moan about this f*cking thread.




Why is this thread different from all other threads? 

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The way we set up its going to be  difficult to score against us .

Having said that its also going to be difficult at the other end too ...

We will draw a lot of games this season I think .

Losing games won't be the problem 

Winning is the problem ....

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Let’s be optimistic, let’s say we will win the title and the Papa smurf cup or whatever it’s called. We will take over 45k to Wembley and some on here will start banging on about why can’t we build a bigger stadium and we would get that every week etc etc etc.

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15 hours ago, Otley Owl said:

In the league?


None? 5? 6? 10? 12? 


I have no idea, but there's a genuine feeling of positivity around the place at the moment, and it's grand.


Here's my plan: Predict how many games we will lose this season, then you're not allowed to moan and whinge until we've lost at least half of them. No targeting of players, just because others are, a la Fox in the past (we all know who this seasons no.1 target is). None of the usual grumping about managerial tactics, eg 'square pegs in round holes', 'no plan b', 'too late with the subs', 'doesn't know his best 11', etc etc etc. 


You have to get behind them until they've lost half (at least) of your predicted losses. (Then you can have a moan 🙂


We've got a right chance of going up this season. I would have said you were nuts if you'd said that to me 6 weeks ago. 


Let's get behind them. Let's make, and keep, Hillsborough  a magic place to go, rather than what has been over the last couple of seasons. Come on Wednesday. We've got a 

Around 15...all season not before xmas

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