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your team v Fleetwood

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He might bring Brown back in for Johnson and possibly start Gregory in place of Kamberi but I don’t think he’ll

make too many changes.


Let’s face it chopping and changing it too much hasn’t worked for us in the recent past.

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          Hunt, Lofra, Hutch, Gibson

                   Byers, Adenrian

                 Theo, Bannan, Brown



I would live to see what Theo brings to us, very excited about him.  I have seen nothing to suggest that Wing is the one, u've just seen arms flapping around and attitude when things don't go his way.  At both Carlton and against Donny the wingers gave both our full backs many more problems than our wingers gave theirs and with that I'd like to see Gibson and wouldn't be adverse to see Palmer come on for Hunt.  Palmer is OK defensively but lacks going forward was the mantra last year, though I have failed to see any attacking prowess from Hunt so far. I can't wait to see more of Shodipo (?) and hope he's back soon.

Buyers coming on late at Donny allowed Bannon to get forward and they couldn't cope with him, many won't if we do that this season.  Kambari has done well so far, but would take this opportunity to see what Gregory brings. 


Yes, I have seen all our matches this year. 

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20 hours ago, S72 Owl said:









Few fresh legs in key areas. 


Like this but be tempted to play Luongo and Byers with Bannan further forward to give Adeniran a rest. Would also start Brown at LB and stick with Johnson at LW

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It’s very hard right now to suggest changing the back 4 with no goals conceded. That said however it’s about managing players and giving mins to others too. Palmer seemed to take a knock at the end on Saturday and we all know hutch needs management. With a big game on Saturday away at toytown Tuesday might be a chance to rest them both to make sure they are available for the weekend. 

GK: Peacock-Farrell 

RB: Hunt

RCB: Iorfa

LCB: Gibson

LB: Brown 


Midfield again the temptation is to leave it as it is. I’m not sure he’ll ever drop Bannan so it’s who misses out in Wing & Adenirian. 

Also then we have the winger situation, Green looks like a man that probably needs games consistently to hit any kind of form. Johnson for me didn’t offer that much on Saturday but probably needs games under his belt too. We then have the likes of Sow and Corbeanu to come in too. 

I’ll go for: 


RW: Johnson (to play 60 minutes) 

CM: Bannan

DCM: Byers

CM: Adeniran

LW: Green (to play 70 minutes) 


ST: Gregory (to play 70 minutes) 


Subs: Wildsmith, Hutch, Palmer, Luongo, Sow (70), Conbeanu (60), Kamberi (70)

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