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Surely not.... SURELY NOT?

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26 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:



He is looking much leaner in that photo than at any other time I've seen him

Wonder if he's realised or someone's had a word

like a lot of modern day footballers , especially centre forwards they spend to much time bulking up but then they lose that mobility they had and that bit of speed but can hold the ball up better 🙄

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Atm he on zero wages always a good starting point? Looking at him there think he looks as fit muscle wise as anybody seen in years ? But looking and being fit is two different things? If he stayed fit he’d smash us to next league but on previous experience unfortunately I’d leave it unless pay as you play but can’t see that happening?

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1 hour ago, Mat-Owl said:

He'll smash L1 up!!


1 hour ago, ozzieowl said:

Adding Connor to what we already got we will smash this league. 

...for the six games he’d be fit.

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58 minutes ago, HillsboroughOwlNI said:

If you click on his “story” the person taking the photo/video has blue and white shoes on…




…straw clutching?

His wife is a massive wednesday fan, they met when he was here first time

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