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Premier League 21/22

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Just now, SiJ said:

The fact is, there's perhaps one or two of these players who has any long term future at Newcastle.


It's not just the manager who has no future there.

If next level for them is mid table-pushing for Europe only St Maxim and Wilson for me. Best thing would be if they get relegated first.

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Just now, Ellis Rimmer said:

It can't be a great motivator for the players+manager when the whole city is ecstatic that you're gonna be replaced



The issue Newcastle have is that their starting in such a poor position.


The team is very poor, the manager is hated by the fans and they're facing a likely relegation scrap.


The only success for them this season is trying to stop up.

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Man U are a bunch of expensive individuals cobbled together. 


Ole is trying to keep everyone happy and it isn't working at all for him. 


Dare I say, you've got one too many luxury items in that team - Pogba, Bruno and yes, even the great Ronaldo to an extent. 



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Increasingly clear Ole is out of his depth. Unfortunately the fuckwits off the pitch don’t have a clue what to do and more worried about flogging shirts in the states and Instagram followers. 

Contrast with Chelsea who punted Lampard the moment they realised he was a loser. 

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Chelsea just needed a fan favourite to buy them time and who the young players would respect and connect with, while they weathered a period of transition and brought through a number of youth players at once. 


They weren't winning anything under Lampard, but I think the approach taken by the club during that time is an underrated part of why they look like such a well oiled machine at the moment. Classic case of taking a step back in the short term to take several strides forward later. 


Ole is only in the same position Lampard was, only with the keys to the whole show for the long term and with the expectation that he's the one to start winning things. And as ever at United in recent years, there isn't a shred of the same thought or plan in place as there was at Chelsea.  

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On 17/10/2021 at 17:43, Ellis Rimmer said:


Yeh he's saying you don't do mouth to mouth and do the compressions hard enough to break ribs which isn't correct. 30 compressions, 2 breaths.


He said people shouldn't be concerned about breaking ribs, better to do it with more force than not enough.


30 compressions, 2 breaths is what I was recently taught but as an advocate for emergency CPR I wouldn't say he is 'chatting rubbish'.

Compression only CPR is often advised for adults if it is a cardiac attack and the person provided treatment is untrained or uncomfortable giving artificial ventilation.  

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