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Premier League 21/22

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I don’t care who wins it as the winner will come from one of the clubs that not so long ago wanted the ESL.


I’d really like to see Norwich and brentford both survive, and whilst Brentford could may well do just that, I fear for Norwich once more.

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Oh, I think Everton will struggle too. 


All set up for a very toxic season there. 


A manager who a large percentage of the fanbase already hate, a bloated, mediocre squad with far too many wasters on big contracts. 


Think they've only signed free transfers so far. 

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If City sign Kane then it’s all over, nobody will get close to them. Or maybe they’ll sign Messi instead…

If they don’t, I reckon Chelsea and Man U will push them much further this season. Van Dijk returning for Liverpool will be a huge boost for them as well as signing Konate, but I don’t think their midfield is strong enough. 

Of the rest… Villa have recruited well, Ings and Watkins could be a great partnership up front. Leicester will be there or thereabouts again, although that injury to Fofana will be a blow. If Spurs sell Kane then it’ll be interesting to see what they do with the massive wedge they get for him. If Arsenal buy Ramsdale then they’ll struggle to finish top 10. 

Watford will have about 7 managers over the course of the season and get relegated, only to go back up next season. I think Norwich and Southampton will struggle too. Burnley still have pretty much exactly the same squad they’ve had for the past few years but Dyche always manages to rescue them. 

Vieira, Arteta or the Watford manager will be the first to get sacked. 

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