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Sean Clare

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he's not actually a bad player at all, didn't get the chance at hearts i expected he would.


But i think with some stability and home comforts of Charlton he should have a decent enough season. I liked his dynamism and forward runs, something i think we lacked in the middle of the park the last few seasons. That siad, currently he wouldn't make the starting 11.

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Nice laddie just not a very good football player. He was diabolically bad in midfield at Hearts, I mean awful, but Stendel seemed to be getting more of a tune out of him at full back. He’s not good enough to play in midfield IMO against even half decent opposition. I’m surprised to see that’s where Charlton will be playing him. Says a lot about L1 if that’s the case.

Clare got a bit more settled at full

back and started to put in some good performances but the reality is he hasn’t been good enough at either of my clubs. That’s why he has ended up at Oxford, Burton and Charlton. I wish him well but hope he has a stinker today.

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Guest Kagoshimaowl
51 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:



The biggest surprise to me in all this is that it's the summer of 2021 and people are STILL using the word 'cringeworthy'

 Brilliant word pal. You should learn it, it fits most of your posts brilliantly!!! lol




…just kidding!

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10 hours ago, Salmonbones said:

It will be telling for this man playing for the Addicks, he will undoubtedly wonder as he lines up against his former club if he made the correct decisions.    He may wonder if he could have had a better career had he stayed with us.   Maybe not given where we are now, but things might well have been different for him had he stayed.


He has been moved back to CM where he played for us from fullback where he played mainly for Hearts, and we know he can be very direct in his running with the ball.    Since Hearts he's hit the heady heights of Oxford and Burton.   He's expected to start tomorrow, which I believe would be his first competitive game for Charlton.   Their fans are expecting a lot from him, believing him to be a diamond in the rough, who has had a few bad knocks in the game but will come good with them.


I think however, his inclusion will mean we have the run of the midfield in this game and come out victorious.


It could be an eye opener tomorrow.   Who has fallen more from grace?




who gives a flying fukk

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