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Charlton Ath -V- Wednesday OMDT

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Yeah we're in with a shout. The problem however is that we are strangers on a first date. Both Pleasant and Nasty things can happen on a first date.


I hope it's so smoothe like a box of Dairy Milk watching the Avengers ready to switch chanels for Ken Wholstenholme and MOTD.


Waiting for Wednesday tomorrow will be like pacing the maternity ward awaiting the arrival of your first born. "Shut up woman, you have no idea of the stress I am under"   



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Lots of positivity around the place at the moment with all the new additions to the squad. I'm hopeful that we'll kick start the season with a win, but with all the new faces needing time to gel as a team and a tough opening away game I'll settle for a point.

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So far, I have yet to be convinced about Green. I hope the competition for places ups his game.


I am already enthused about our new keeper though, simply because he does his job properly.


Bannan to dominate the pace of this game. 


2-0 win.


Random thoughts.

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