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Darren Moore press conference ahead of Charlton

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Even for the more negative of fans it’s hard not to by into what Moore is doing here. Feel like he’s pulling us closer and I get that togetherness he speaks really well, be he’s a great motivator amongst other qualities 


as for bannan some of the cash in, too old, plays too deep comments baffle me. He is if not the best player we have had since the premier league 


what is it now 6/7 seasons of pure dedication pretty much so always available, never hides, fully committed and beyond that a fantastic asset 


I feel that bannan is now one of our own like bully I really hope he gets his promotion here and when the inevitable comes where he starts becoming a bit part player we offer him a contract to reflect and let him see out his days as a club legend. Knowing bannan though he would move on because he strikes me as a kid that just loves the game and wants to play ( Chris waddle esq) play literally until his legs fall off 


two fantastic blokes majorly involved in the change of direction and culture of our club 


now go get us that promotion lads 

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1 hour ago, stocksyuto said:

Finally a manager who get it -CONSISTENCY 

Think all managers want consistency, but getting it good is a different issue which very few appear to acheive.

Unfortunately we've been consistently poor and for far too long!!!

New season, new hope, it's our year!!

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5 minutes ago, Weshallovercome said:

I've wanted every manager we've had to succeed, but none more so than Darren Moore.


He's done the impossible imo, he's made our fan base believe again, which after what's gone off in the last 3 years is a miracle.

He's been brilliant. It seems like lots of players want to play for him too.


Cant wait for the season to start - its great actually wanting the matches to come sooner for a change.

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