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Madjid Bougherra

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1 minute ago, @owlstalk said:

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Remember how he absolutely smashed it for Crewe the season before. Loads of clubs were looking at him, then out of no where we bought him for next to nowt. Remember in an interview in the later years that he felt he left us a bit too early. Cracking player

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Brilliant centre half but our highly ambitious board at the time were happy with mid table so off he went in January.


Had he stayed, I doubt our dreadful form between January and the Southend game would have happened. Laws made us a very good side that season.


Not surprising given the ambition of the board that we were more focused on getting money for Brunt, Whelan, Bougherra and had it not been for his injury, Simek rather than attempt to get in the premier league. That season should have been the catalyst to build the club to challenge for the premiership, not replace quality with rubbish.

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1 hour ago, Silkstone Owl said:

Loved his song we sung for him 


“who’s that coming over the hill

Madjid Bougherra, Madjid Bougherra”



I was about to post the same. I remember being at Norwich when we won. He came over to the away supporters with his flag. Not sure if he didn't score that day. 

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