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Lee Gregory

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1 hour ago, WalthamOwl said:

so him and Cosgrove are on the short list. Seems DM is after a powerful number 9 rather than a goal scorer. 


You keep banging on about needing a goalscorer but isn’t Gregory just that at this level? Remember where we now are.

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1 hour ago, areNOTwhatTHEYseem said:


Gregory's record in League One would suggest he has goals in him at this level:




But he didn't get more than 20 goals in either of those seasons. Clearly suggests he isn't good enough and not what we need.

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41 minutes ago, WalthamOwl said:

we have made some very good signings this summer imo. I think the one we will be most disappointed with will be Kamberi to be honest. 

Yea we don't need strikers😀

Oh and Gregory  , strikers are so overrated😉


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7 minutes ago, Kelfin Platz said:

I've tried getting my head round this potential signing, sadly I've failed.

Well either way you’ll get your head around it.


he’ll either score goals and everyone will be buzzing or he’ll bomb and people will be quick to mention they thought it was a bad idea

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7 minutes ago, TheEnchanter said:


He's a huge Wednesdayite. Whats not to like. 

Is he though? Follows a lot of people on Twitter, noticed United on his list but didnt see Wednesday? If he was such a huge fan, would have thought he'd be following? 



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23 minutes ago, TheSlicer said:

Those saying Wickham is an expensive crock, would you take him on a pay as you play deal? 

for what it’s worth I think he’s an expensive crock, but could be tempted with a pay as you play. 


They don't really exist anymore so no I wouldn't

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