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Barry Bannan

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1 hour ago, owlinexile said:


We paid around £3million for him.


At the time most people were kind of shrugging their shoulders at the signing as they didn't see where he fit in alongside the likes of Lee, Lopez and McGugan.

Just make up your own story mate. Could use more guns and explosions. 

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On 04/08/2021 at 13:59, abdiwonderland said:


Ill be going to most home games and as I have done the last few years and base my judgement on what he is in the side to do. Create. Of which he does very little. You cant argue with that. 


Nothing against the man. I just think he's a massively overrated footballer. 


I don't hold it against you rate him, that's your prerogative. 

What do you think to Barry's performance yesterday? 🤔

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Palace let him go on a free and we signed him much like the Byers deal but I’m sure palace didn’t ask for a sell on clause


only 2 players we paid 3 mil for at that time and it was hooper and forestieri 

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