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1 hour ago, room0035 said:

For me this seems a strange signing, he is 31 in the next few months, he is a left winger that seems to keep himself fit plays a lot of games and contributes, but for me we seem to be signing what available instead of signing what we need.  


We made this mistake last season we signed lots of wingers when in fact we needed a striker that could put the ball in the net. I cannot see Johnson signing on league one wages, I just think the money would be better spend on getting a proven scorer in.


I also think Sims would be a better option on the wing, at the right price and age and one that will improve and be worth a few quid in a few years. He can play left wing or right wing and in 28 games last season in League one had 8 assists, he is used to playing the DM way and for me would just be a better option than Johnson


The Albanian lad  signed at the week end does not seem to have any real goal scoring pedigree currently, so a proven striker is really a must before the season starts. Yes we played ok yesterday but we once again showed our inability to put the ball in the back of the net. 

how do you know we aren’t still going for sims ? Re Johnson yes 31 in December but for a fit lad its not too old , boro fans rated him in the champ so thinks it’s A no brainer tbh 

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1 hour ago, theowlsman said:

Best mature player ever signed has to be Trevor Francis surely? Or maybe Viv Anderson?

I dont know that 31 year old we signed called Waddle didnt do to badly.😁😁😁😁

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