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Welcome back Snoots

Let’s hope that your OMDT rallying call isn’t the only thing that cheers us this season.

Could this be the season that ‘ the Wednesday way ‘is consigned to history?

Lets hope that every team that hasn’t won at Hillsborough since 1956 gets its backside well and truly kicked for a change.

No more desperately hanging on to a 1-0 win only to concede in the 109th minute .

Come on Darren 

Were not asking much 

A couple of resounding wins and we’ll be back to giving it large instead of extremely small.

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49 minutes ago, Lord Snooty said:

Good to be back, Dodders!

Hope you've all enjoyed the break. 

You have all had a break haven't you?!


Not had chance to have a break Snoots due to Hargreaves messing about with the site and giving us all these badges. I feel like Alan Irvine . 

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1 hour ago, Lord Snooty said:


                                                                              Snoot hall 1



   "What on Earth are you doing here at this un-Godly hour Stubbs, I thought it was your night off?


  "The new season kicks off tomorrow,Sir. There's a matchday thread to do"


  "Man alive! Is it that time of year already? Ugh! Mores the pity. I've been enjoying the Olympics and a rest of the gloom of Hillsborough."


  "Oh, I thought you might have been a bit more positive with the recent additions."


  "What recent additions? I thought we were under Umbongo again"


  "No ,Sir. Players have been incoming"


  "And what ex-Premier League, over-the-hill, 30 something , injury ravaged mercenaries have we had palmed off onto us this time?"


  "None, Sir. It would appear Darren Moore has been in charge of player recruitment."




  "It would appear so ,Sir"


  "Who've we got?"


  "Bailey Peacock-Farrell from Burnley"


  "Three from one club, that's awfully kind of them. I've a lot of time for old Dyche, always said it. Decent egg."


  "Bailey Peacock-Farrell is just the singular, Sir. A goalkeeper."




  "Jaden Brown, Dennis Adeniran, Olimide Shodipo, Lewis Wing, Korede Adedoyin, Florian Kamberi"


  "Good Lord! I haven't heard of most of these!"


  "Here we go..."




  "Really ,Sir?"


  "Absolutely. this is what we've needed for ages. Younger lads, not household names. Lads willing to put in the hard yards and make a name for themselves in the game. This is just what we need. Oh yes, this puts a much more positive slant on things. Much more. Crikey, any of them a pacy young striker"


  "Well, more your modern forward, Sir"


  "Eeh dear, I can just imagine old Guru looking down with a grin on his dial"


  "I'm pleased to see your joy Sir"


  "I'll say. Now, off to the cellar Stubbs, bottle of the best stuff. It's time to raise anchor and send her on her way!"





"Oh, Sir, whilst you're in such good spirits you'll be delighted to know we have a new kit too. Made a by a proper Sports kit manufacturer. Macron. Italian firm"


"Italian? Superb! You can't go wrong with the Italians when it comes to sartorial elegance Stubbs. Can't go wrong. You'd better get another bottle to help me celebrate this too! What a day. Not a negative in sight. Here ,show me the catalogue while you nip to the cellar"


"Here you go ,Sir"


                kit 21


"What the hell! Cancel the bubbly, Stubbs, cancel the bubbly! Ye Gods, those sleeves. Are we a Brighton and Hove Albion tribute act. Holy Mary mother of God. Cancel the launch. Cancel the launch. Drop anchor. Drop anchor."







                                                         HUDDERSFIELD TOWN




Darren Moore has suffered relegation with Sheffield Wednesday and been required to recover from coronavirus before eventually returning to the touchline.

When also taking into account the club's financial turmoil, Moore would have been forgiven for walking away from the Owls, but he has instead taken on the challenge of trying to revive a fallen giant.


Moore and Wednesday have had to bide their time before making new signings as they prepare for one of the most competitive League One campaigns in recent years.


Nevertheless, the departures of many key players have been counteracted by the loan arrivals of Bailey Peacock-Farrell and Lewis Wing, players from Burnley and Middlesbrough who should be playing higher than the third tier.


While those signings are a statement of intent, the return of defender Jack Hunt could also prove key at a time when Wednesday desperately need to find some stability.


                                                       WEDNESDAY PROBABLE : 





Carlos Corberan will feel fortunate to have been provided with a second campaign at the John Smith's Stadium, but he has been provided with the freedom to make much-needed changes to his squad.

Although the Spaniard has brought in a mixture of youth and experience, there is real excitement over the arrivals of Chelsea youngster Levi Colwill and Norwich City winger Daniel Sinani.


Both players may need time to settle to life in the EFL, but there is optimism that Corberan and his squad can only improve after finishing in 20th position last season.


                                                           HUDDERSFIELD PROBABLE:





"Erm, Stubbs?"


"Yes Sir?"


"Where's the big letters?"


"The big letters, Sir?"


"Yes. The big letters. Y'know. The big blue letters. We always finish with the big blue letters.

"Come on the Wednesday." Big font. Blue. That sort of thing.  You remember"


"Oh, yes ,Sir. Mr Hagreaves has cancelled them,Sir"


"Cancelled them!"


"Yes. I he blew the budget on some new poster badges."


"Right!! I'm meeting him tomorrow for breakfast. I'll soon put him right on that score"


"Oh, he's cancelled that too, Sir"


"The meeting! You never said"


"Oh no ,Sir. Not the meeting. Breakfast. He's cancelled breakfast full stop. As an actual thing.  From existence"


"I'll kill him!"


                                                      COME ON WEDNESDAY

Nice to have you back M'lord.Fingers crossed that we have a decent season.

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