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32 minutes ago, helmut_rooster said:

Season over already.....


After one game.......


Rangers champions.....


What a shït league 😆

Long way to go yet. And besides the title is coming to Gorgie 😉

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Celtic looked pish again tonight despite winning 4-2 in the Czech Republic. They are seriously dodgy at the back. 

Props to St Johnstone too for flying the flag and getting a 1-1 draw at Galatasaray tonight. Proper cup specialists the Saintees!

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🤣🤣🤣 Lundstram again. He is absolutely rank. Terrible player I dread to think what wages Rangers are paying him.

I can’t wait for Hearts to let Gino and GMS loose on him with their pace. That is a dreadful result for Rangers today against a team that will be fighting relegation.

On 01/08/2021 at 13:18, Belfast Owl 2 said:


Still drunk from last night?😉

😉 It’s coming home 🇱🇻🏆

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