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The Wilderless Years

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55 minutes ago, alanharper said:

How can they be struggling financially when they had players worth this much?


Yes, that's genuinely Ravel Morrison he's talking about... 


And I think of the players they've moved on from this list the only actual return they've had is Oliver Burke, who they swapped for "15-30 million Robinson".



Piganomics at it’s finest 🤔

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Just watched that press conference. Wow. They have screwed up massively haven’t they.

None of it makes sense. So many contradictions, so many questions avoided ( is there any money for transfers? You’re looking at it all wrong).

My highlight was when he highlighted the finances. We have received £230m in four seasons but we’ve spent, no not spent, we like to call it invested £430, and we will continue to invest like that.

Really? See you on the high court steps next year.

This has got to be one of the most spectacular football implosions of all time.....and it’s only just getting going.

Oh, and the fans will be glad to have macca back? Yes, cus they loved him last time didn’t they.

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Just finished watching the press conference and it's the most cringeworthy thing i've ever seen. Not a clue or idea between them. That Bettis bloke or whatever his name is looked completly lost and out of his depth and his eyes scared me to death. The dark bloke at the end of the table spoke for all of 2 minutes and then seemed to disappear whilst the chairman looked like he had just been dug up, what an absolute state. It was like watching a horror film


My faith in Chansiri has been restored

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Hilarious that they escaped real financial turmoil a few years back,  When they were in that Embargo they didn't tell anybody about, By finding Tufty and his balls firing them up the league and now they look in an even worse predicament than before 😂

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I was sure that McCall had been manager there before, so checked wiki and I was wrong. But did find a very interesting stat on there. In terms of win percentage, their most successful manager ever?

Danny Wilson, followed by young Clough.

Both in front of wilder Bassett and warnock?

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40 minutes ago, latemodelchild said:

Strategy. Synergy. Business. Centrality. Values. Assets. Waffle waffle waffle. 


I wasn't going to watch this, why would I? So glad I did though. Absolute gold mine of obfuscation and misdirection. Reading between the management speak it seems that they are skint or they're asset stripping. Hecky will be judged on his performance in the football department, not on the pitch says to me that they don't care about the league position, they care about how much money they will be making. That's gotta be a red flag for pig fans. 


I've had an absolute gut full of gloating pigs recently. I hope they crash and burn in the most spectacular fashion. I hope they're held up as a lesson in how not to run a football club. A long, painful, slow fall from where the bus driver took em to. I have no sympathy for em at all, not one little drop after the crap I've heard in the last few years. Eff em all. 

Brilliant 😂 


Made my morning did this superb and true rant.

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10 hours ago, TrickyTrev said:

This thread about their chairman (the bloke in the track suit) is class. A few of my favourite quotes…..




‘I didn't even realise he was our chairman until he basically said he hated Sheffield.’


‘Did he forget to bring his suit today and just picked up the first thing he passed in the club shop?’

‘Has the manner of someone who is only on call because someone is ill, and now has to go and sort something out that he really can't be arsed with 400 miles away for a client.’

‘Feel like he should have done the press conference on face time while taking a sh*t. Absolutely no interest in us as a club and fam base. Thats about as complementary as I can be.’

‘The extent of his past, present and future involvement in the club isn't clear but what is clear is that he's a complete pr*ck.’





That last paragraph 😂😂

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Yesterday confirms to me that Wilder did not make all of those expensive signings. Think about it, why would Wilder criticise us for "spunking money up the wall" and then go and make the same mistakes at S2? He wouldn't, he is not that kind of manager.


The Chairman/Owner saw it as an opportunity to break into and solidify their place in the Premier League, so they gambled. They went out and bought expensive signings, signings in positions they didn't even need and went to Wilder and said "there you go, go and take us to the next level". And Wilder couldn't exactly turn around after the club had made a £20 million signing and say "well he is not really what I wanted, I will hardly play him". He had to toe the party line.


All the talk yesterday about changing strategy and letting the Football Manager manage the football side, speaks volumes to me that the exact opposite happened in the past. They did interfere in the footballing matters. They treat it like it was a game of Football Manager or fantasy football. And I believe that they think the players are good enough and they aren't. Wilder and Slavisa both could not get them to play and Slavisa did not play the signings towards the end.


The board/Chairman/Owner had seen enough of Slavisa, they want to see their investments being played out on the pitch, not him going to the board and asking for more money. It is going to be interesting what happens in the near future. I think we will see a return of Brewster etc in the first team. What will happen if they lose the first three or four, god only knows.

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