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The Wilderless Years

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Just now, Owlinmad said:

England's number 1 a bit slow getting down there.

I can't quite understand why they're so desperate to keep him tbh.


He had an ok 6 months after they were pretty much all but relegated.


If a club was daft enough to pay 30 million they'd be mad not to sell, surely? 



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1 hour ago, Dan™ said:

Jokanovic seems to have a look of "what the hell am I doing here" on his face every time I see him in a United tracksuit.



Looks absolutely lost at the mo and angry....but he always looks angry

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1 minute ago, Hirstys Salopettes said:

Berge is absolute class for them ... £22 million ... £65k a week 


and doesn’t get a sweat on or have any real influence 

Another one you would flog if someone was willing to pay silly money, surely? 

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