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The Wilderless Years

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Just now, Morepork said:

A nervous looking Steve Cooper somehow managing to look even uglier.....

He always looks like he’s just been on a 72 hour alcohol and cocaine bender and has just rocked up to the ground. 

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7 minutes ago, WalthamOwl said:

fair point. Our performance over the 2 legs really was poor imo. 


Yes, whatever happens tonight the Moorists should take note.


Perhaps they'll understand now why many on this site have no confidence in Moore.


The Blades have been up against a better team, with a striking crisis, yet have forced extra time.


I hope they lose, but if they do they've still made us suffer.


I don't think too many Blades fans would have been worried watching our performances last week.

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Posted (edited)
4 minutes ago, Whitechapel Owl said:


You are the world's biggest pessimist. It's pretty much every single post on here. 


Are you like this in real life? 

I was a happy little lad until I was 5 years old and i discovered this football club. 

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