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The Wilderless Years

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4 hours ago, kristmace said:

Released Mouset, Freeman and McGoldrick today. 


Mousset - £10m - 17 starts

Freeman - £5m - 4 starts

Wilder really was a dud in the transfer market in the PL. 

McGoldy was actually excellent for them, against all expectations. 

I preferred the other 2. 

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2 hours ago, nbupperthongowl said:

I think I am right in saying that in those 17 starts he never completed a full game......




58 league appearances for Bournemouth and he only completed 90 minutes in 1 of those games. 


He's only completed 90 minutes of first team league football 5 times. 


Absolute fraud of a footballer who's had United's pants down. 

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