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The Wilderless Years

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Yes, it makes you realize that if United lost every game this season they'd probably win the league.


If you believe in the law of constant fortune, in that it can neither be created nor destroyed and there's only so much in the world, then there's little wonder we've been so unlucky because they've been getting the lot.



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1 hour ago, beswetherick said:

It’s even more ridiculous considering how competitive our battle for the play offs is! Really hope Bristol do them later in front of a half empty away end

Its like no one wants to get in the play offs. The next 4 teams below them have following results;


Boro   4 from last 12

qpr     1 from last 15 !!

Blackbum 2 from last 12

Millwall on a major charge with massive 5 from 15 !

They are all in relegation form !  Just one of them has mid table form and pigs are out of it

Even promotion certs bournemouth have only managed 2 from last possible 9

The championship is really really poor this year

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Every pig I know watches Wednesday when we're on sky. I've watched 15 minutes of this pig match and I've had enough. I'm going to go and wash the pots and make tea. Don't want to watch the next installment of their spozziness, which is nailed on today. 

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Weakest Champ in years.


Fulham are nothing special imo. Not a patch on that Jokanovic side a few years back.

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23 minutes ago, Daz said:

Bristol City are awful... 

I watched them last November against Cov.


They lost 3-2 against 10 men and deservedly so.



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7 minutes ago, marconi said:

Warnock on Sky keeps calling them Sheffield.

Glad I'm not watching. Pots washed, tea on, might watch a bit of the 2nf half but tbh I don't want to see them score. No idea how pigs watch us, it's just horrible. 

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