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PORT VALE vs SWFC - Official Matchday Thread

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4 minutes ago, SallyCinnamon said:

No Paterson again. 

Moore didn’t mention he was injured earlier. Surely on his way out? 

If this means we get two out and out centre forwards in of similar calibre to what players we’ve already brought in I’ll be a happy chap. Don’t mind Paterson by the way he’s just a Jack of all trades trier not the leader of the line we need.

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So, I think that line up made a total of 100 appearances in the league for Wednesday last season (out of 506 starts). And 41 of those were Palmer. 5 new players, one who was here but didn't play and 5 who actually played

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This is how I see us lining up.


Shodipo     Wing     Green

        Adreniran Luongo 

Palmer  Iorfa Hutch    Hunt 


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