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Tramlines 2022


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34 minutes ago, Night King said:

Weekend tickets now fully sold out. They’ve smashed the line up this summer. LCD would be a shocking fit for tramlines. Way too much of a niche act. Idles would be class though. 


Yeh LCD aren't right fit tramlines but madness is dire IMO. I'm sure they'll be popular however so fair play. Maybe they could have been brave and had Self Esteem headlining?

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On 10/11/2021 at 18:38, @owlstalk said:



The ones that stand out here for me either way...

On my 'decent' list

Working Mens Club
Self Esteem
Yard Act
Sam Fender

On my 'nahhhh mate' list this year:
Everly Pregnant Brothers

The Wombats

Good thing is that there's something for everyone

The LADS LADS LADS crowd have (as usual at Tramlines) loads to do and see

The music lovers have the ones on my decent list

And the stuck in the mud straight white middle aged Sheffield blokes have the ones on my 'nahhh mate' list to stand and watch for the 516794th time

I mostly agree with your decent list but I would have Sigrid on there and towards the top - I like her 80s electro pop vibe. She reminds me of Georgia (and vice-versa) who was my highlight of this year’s event. I’m surprised that both acts haven’t carried their momentum through from a couple of years ago and be higher up the list at festivals - maybe there’s still time for them to kick on. 

I disagree with Madness being on your “Nahhh” list. They may be old gimmers that are on a bit of a last hoorah and they have always attracted that “serious musicians playing commercial music” argument but they are actually serious musicians that wrote quality pop music and that pop music wee wees on a lot of music that has followed. Madness are a bit “dad” now but Tramlines is a bloody summer festival Neil that is bottom of the Premier League/top of the Championship if I could use a football analogy. Tramlines will tend to be that festival that will struggle to attract the top acts on the festival circuit but will always have a great chance on booking some serious acts that are on their way up or almost there but aren’t yet headliners. 

IMHO, we can’t be too prissy about the Tramlines lineup nor can we be too over excited (- it is what it is) and even with this year’s price increase, it’s still incredibly good value. Three days worth of four or five stages plus comedians and random entertainment for £80 (if my memory serves me correctly) is amazing.   I can easily ******** away that sort of money in a single night. 

I’d like to see a few serious dance music acts/DJs in the big tent this year IIH though. While not really being in the superstar (or even serious) dance music DJ bracket, Annie Mac’s set went down a storm a couple of year’s ago. 

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Right, been having a listen to a couple of the acts to see if they’re any good 😄


Self Esteem and Sam Fender I enjoyed from the very first listen. It might be ok after all, It’s as if the organisers actually know what they’re doing. I actually love the DMAs after listening to them when they were originally announced a couple of years ago. I listen to them a lot. 

Can’t help thinking of the first year in the park though with Noel & Stereophonics headlining which was more up my street personally.


Still hoping one year for a Sunday slot for Human League or Texas but that’s me showing my age 😄 and I appreciate I’m not the target audience.

Cant wait though after rolling my tickets over from this year.


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4 hours ago, BIG D said:

Coming to Sheffield





Week after my visit


Probably will go and see Belle and Sebastian at O2 however.


Though most people who have flown into the UK have received test and trace quarantine orders, inc myself last week. So much hassle.

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