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Matchday prices announced

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Just now, Ever the pessimist said:

You would hope there’ll be very few Category A games 🤞

It will be based on how well the team does, you need to get fans in the stands we have near 15,000 empty seats each game. £30+ a ticket is going to be very few people thinking lets go to the footy.


its a price drop but not enough to get the fans back in.


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6 minutes ago, room0035 said:

For West Brom it was £34 for member £39 for none member.


At £32 for division 3 is a complete joke price.

Rotherham is £29 on their south for same top category 

don’t know what you expect 

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That's about as good as we could have hoped for, really.


The most expensive ticket (which will likely only be used a handful of times) is £32, which is a significant drop from the £49 being charged the last time we were allowed into Hillsborough.


Most significantly, the most expensive ticket in each stand is still cheaper than all but the equivalent category G matches (of which there weren't many) from the 2019/20 season, too.

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