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Massive props to the media team for an excellent video and reveal. Home kit is superb, best imo in the last decade. Away would be fresh for any other team, but for us I'm not quite sure about the pink, especially after ribbing my Blades mates about their pink kits in the last couple of years 😂


All in all, though we can't get the feel of them from a visual, Macron seem a huge upgrade on Elev8.

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1 minute ago, ChapSmurf said:

That away kit is awesome. Real men wear pink.

Great for any team that it's rivals doesn't refer to as pigs. Especially after we rinsed them for the exact same thing last season, massive own goal that one. Should have played it safe with yellow but with the jazzy pattern

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Front of home kit 7/10 - would be 9 with stripes on sleeves. Don't mind slightly thinner stripes - echoes the Bannister kit. 

Back of home kit 1/10 


Away kit - 3/10


But let's hope the kits are the least of our worries

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Is it just me, or has the club's social media got better and better as the club has got progressively worse? 


Another very good bit of promotion that imo. 

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1 minute ago, Buddy Repperton said:

 Can't wait for the rainbow/blm/nhs one. 

Yes, I'm sure us adopting a pink kit was a political statement. 


The first club in history to adopt pink. 

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My biggest grip would be the back of the home kit. Don't like it when we don't have stripes on the back, but aside from that, a decent first effort from our new supplier. 


Quite like the pink kit too. 



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