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48 minutes ago, S26 Owl said:

Is he off? 


Surely not another wage problem???


He's without a doubt the best striker at the club and hes our only chance of getting near top 6 but we've got no chance of keeping hold with this shitshow


What’s worrying is that he’s the only striker. 

Turning into a bit of a sick note this kid, ffs Wednesday get a move on

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47 minutes ago, brando said:

Loads available...but you need a decent recruitment team...


I genuinely have no idea who our realistic options might be.


I'd like to hope we'll sign at least one relatively experienced centre forward, rather than relying entirely on unproven youngsters, but that might be wishful thinking given our budget of, erm...nothing.


Give us some hope here!

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8 hours ago, SallyCinnamon said:

And they’re not even proper strikers! Paterson is a make shift striker and was played at right back and in midfield last season. 

Windass can play off the shoulder but I’d say he’s more of a Number 10 or wide of a three. 

It’s ridiculous how we’ve failed to address this area yet. 

Depends on who's available if anybody. Strikers are always difficult to sign

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Just now, SallyCinnamon said:

Are they?

Well most managers reckon they are the good ones anyway and the good ones aren't cheap

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