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Giles Coke tells us about JJ and Llera shower altercation.

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1 hour ago, Orlando_Trustful said:

Decent podcast with the different guests like Clinton recently, but bugger me one of the presenters need to chill out a bit. He’s way too intense. 

 Agreed, bloke asking questions moves things on nicely. Other one just interrupts and makes it about himself.


Still an enjoyable listen and some good guests.

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On 15/07/2021 at 08:10, waverley_owl said:

It's pretty much in the title. 


We had Giles Coke on the podcast the other week and we've just released it to the masses this morning. 


Had some amazing stories to tell, so many in fact that we had to curtail it and turn it into a two parter.


He spoke about the reason why Megson froze (and forced) him out of the side, about his time in Scotland and very nearly signing for Celtic, a few training ground scuffles and the penalty incident at Bury and much, much more. 


Have a listen. 👍🏼



Listened to this while walking the dog yesterday, really enjoyed it. Good work mate, will be checking a few more episodes out!

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Grabbed a few of these eps for my upcoming long drives, personally rated Coke and one thing in particular that pissed me off about Megson was Coke was out for a while with a bad injury, first match back was Scunthorpe in the cup and Megson forced him to play the whole 120 minutes which can't have done him a lot of good.


When's part 2 going to be out please? 🙂


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