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Sheffield Wednesday's best ever header of a ball?

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10 hours ago, HarryJ said:

For the older members amongst us I think John Richie should he high up there too. Not much good on the floor but lethal in the air.

Absolutely Harry a bit like Keith Ellis who (I think but my memory is a bit dim these days) scored a hat trick when we dumped Busby's Babes 7-2 at Old Trafford in the cup replay. Bronco could head a ball mind and John Hickton  too. Swanny in defence.....An embarrassment of riches!  Fletcher wouldn't have made the reserves.

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12 hours ago, millomowl said:

Chapman attacking, Lyons defending. Though watching replays of the Boy Wonders goal against the Mancs where Bruce and Pallister are left looking at each other is always pleasing to watch.

Though Carlton's crazy header at Everton was great. 

Agree. In my lifetime, Chapman attacking; Lyons defending.

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9 hours ago, beswetherick said:

Tudgay was like a reverse Nuhiu - I’m sure he was only about 5’10 or 5’11 but he was unbelievable in the air, in both boxes as well

Lol, you're being generous. He is a smidgen over 5'8. 

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