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Sheffield Wednesday's best ever header of a ball?

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5 minutes ago, lanzaroteowl said:

Lee Chapman


Would head a cannonball 

100 percent .


one of the greatest ever headers of a ball.


in recent years - fletcher an excellent and skilled header of a ball. 

defensively , Loovens- all to do with Timing and positioning. 

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Chapman attacking, Lyons defending. Though watching replays of the Boy Wonders goal against the Mancs where Bruce and Pallister are left looking at each other is always pleasing to watch.

Though Carlton's crazy header at Everton was great. 

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12 minutes ago, HarryJ said:

For the older members amongst us I think John Richie should he high up there too. Not much good on the floor but lethal in the air.


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2 minutes ago, malek said:

If there was one thing Andy Booth did great it was heading the ball. Certainly worth a mention in this thread 🙂

Maybe not quality, but sheer willingness to put his head where it should't in the first goal. Where as his 3rd is pure old school power header.


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