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BREAKING - Wednesday given suspended- 6 point deduction

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1 minute ago, jp1981 said:

Makes you wonder though, if they have a vendetta against us. Either DC or the club.

Nothing to do with that, we've had repeated incidents stretching back from pre covid where we haven't paid our players.


Derby less.



Ergo we get hit harder.


No conspiracy really.

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1 minute ago, Sticky Micky said:

You know what I bloody sick of this club been dragged through the mud because of our useless leader 


He was the one who cheated 

He was the one who didn't pay players 

He is one who overspent on dross 


Punish Him 

Heavily fine him 

Ban him from football 


But ffs leave my club alone 


Haven't fans suffered enough for the last 18 months ,without the prospect of ANOTHER points penalty for some absolute dickh3ad5 


I'm tired of it 


F#ck off chansiri and F#ck off EFL

DC is the club. Lock, stock and barrel. 

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24 minutes ago, Pablo Bonvin said:

Serious question. Is it within the EFL’s power to say that Chansiri is no longer a fit and proper person to run a club? I can’t recall what happened with Cellino at Leeds but was that something similar?. Or am I just clinging desperately to some straws?

Think Cellino got done in court of law for tax fraud , and deemed inappropriate to run a club . Agree that efl should start to punish Chansiri rather than the club. 

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The really worrying thing in all this is that DC hasn’t got the funds to run the club.. You’ve  just got to hope that the revenue coming in through the season can cover the salaries.. no idea if it will or not but you’d expect it to be tight! 


Personally, I’d see that as decent motivator for off-loading the club but DC doesn’t always do things you’d expect.

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